About MAKING and FOOD and “STEAM”

When you learn to cook, you learn the science of food and nourishment; you learn to plan, measure, calculate, observe, predict, use tools….and so much more. We teach cooking classes as part of our Curious Chef classes and have a rich curriculum developed by Kate Solomon, a food writer and educator. We teach not only how to cook but what you might choose to eat, how things combine, how various foods combine to create other flavors, how people eat all over the world by combining basic ingredients to create their own signature dishes within their culture. We teach kids to open their minds a little bit when it comes to food and by and large, they do.  Cooking competitions make food preparation seem like a game or contest. In truth, food is often where kids do the most early learning and where they connect with others, from their own families to the ancestors whose cuisine becomes their everyday food.  It is one of the most dominant early learning experiences on how to MAKE things with your own hands.  Learning to cook is like learning to read – an essential component of basic life skills.   So, to us, cooking is a big and broad part of STEAM.   #Letsdostuff