We’re so excited about our new camp in Riverdale, NY:  STEAM Revolution. With awesome space and facilities, there is so much we can do here.  One of our new ideas for STEAM Revolution is the Wacky Ideas Lab, where we will encourage young inventors to put some energy into bringing innovative ideas to life.  (Pet rock anyone?  Did you know they make a bluetooth version???)

We have ideas. You have ideas. Ideas create more ideas. In the Wacky Ideas Lab, we’ll encourage campers at STE


AM REVOLUTION CAMP to bring them forward….one strange idea at a time. We’ll present our ideas to each other as we build them out. In the Wacky Ideas Lab, you might find something out about how others perceive the same things you are certain need improvement….or fixing…or solving. Or you might find something out about YOU like…


STEAM Revolution Camp is for discovering “you.”