Summer is the time to GLOW

2021 Summer Enrichment

Online summer classes will be announced March 1, 2021

STEAM Revolution Camp (in-person camp in Riverdale, NY) will commence June 28. Registration opens February 22, 2021.  Learn more here.

Other camp programs: please inquire @ [email protected]

Independent Online Summer Classes

We offer interesting, independent summer classes that can be taken online throughout the summer.  These classes are offered for all grade levels (K-12) and cover a range of interesting subjects from creative arts to computing. Use the links above to view these classes. 



STEAMRevolutionCamp will run online for the first three weeks of summer (begins June 29). This includes a structured half-day morning program within peer groups plus a full afternoon of interesting afternoon electives, chosen by campers.  Morning sessions focus on core enrichment activities in science, engineering, and technology, plus the “camp” activities that bring people together–although we are virtual, our goal is to build close relationships and collaboration as if we were there in person.


Our electives run the gamut from creative and performing arts to more tech, game programming, and more. The selection is quite extensive and we have managed to put together a talented team to deliver these high-caliber, small group, online classes.  We focus on engaging with students on and offline so that projects can be worked on in between and during the online sessions. We know you want to see your kids learning new things, working with their hands, exploring the world, nurturing their own curiosity…so do we. We honed online teaching these last few months in our Hybrid-Remote Classes.

As of now, our plan is to open a physical camp on July 20 in Riverdale, NY. Our virtual camp and classes will continue through the end of summer.  We know how all of this is confusing to parents and families. Please contact us with your questions and we’ll do our best to clarify your concerns. Thank you.


Need help? Have questions? 

Our main telephone number is 914-246-0333.
Our general mailbox is [email protected]
A live person who likes to help people is Malinda! [email protected]


Bring Curious-on-Hudson Classes to Your Camp! 

We have plenty of great partners! Email us to find out at which camps we have partnered to bring in our STEAM summer programming.


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