A Curious-on-Hudson STEAM Camp for Summer 2018

@LIFE! in Ardsley is now open for registration!

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EXPLORE the way things work and design your own working things at STEAMCamp, a hands-on lab for curious kids entering grades 2-6. It’s a STEAM wonderland where you can roam a little and explore things at our own pace or with a partner…as you please. We have access to a mini-golf course (great physics!) and the South County Trailway for midday breaks and some outdoor exploration.

  • See a daily schedule and read more about this program at this link.
  • Camp runs weekly from June 25-August 17 (8 weeks)
  • Affordable pricing @$225 for half-day and $400 for full-day weeks 
  • Half or full day enrollment options
  • Sibling discount of 10% off the total registration 
  • Multi-week discounts (5%)
  • Each week offers a new range of activities
  • For students entering grades 2-6
  • Quality Programming from Curious-on-Hudson 
  • Small group sessions 
  • Focused STEAM activities for the curious children you have!  It’s a mash-up of the things you love in TECH, SCIENCE, ENGINEERING, ARTS and MAKER projects. 


What Will My Son or Daughter DO at STEAMCamp?

STEAM is the extended acronyn for the more familiar one: STEM, which stands for science, technology, engineering and math. The key difference in STEAM is the “A,” which most will say stands for art. We like to think that it stands for much more than yet another isolated learning silo. The “A” stands for CREATIVE thinking, resourcefulness, innovation and ideas. The world has long benefitted from people who can apply their creative skills to solve challenges in the world of science and engineering. We operate in that spirit!

For that reason, your child should expect to have more time to discover his or her natural affinity for things at STEAMCamp. We have the luxury of not pushing everyone to do the same thing at the same time because we are operating a smaller group camp at LIFE in Ardsley. The camp is mostly an indoor camp but we have access to some really cool outdoor features like a miniature golf course (!!) and the superb South County Trailway. We can lunch on the grass if we choose.

We know the children attracted to STEAMCamp have a penchant for knowledge and we respect all that has come before us – the thinkers and scholars and researchers that make us humans so special. But we have seen the light in kid’s eyes when they are busy solving problems with their hands while also incorporating the knowledge that others are willing to share with them.

So, we will explore circuits and coding and robotics – that’s cool stuff. We are familar with things like Scratch, Tynker, blogging, game design, etc. But all of what we do doesn’t start/end on a computer! There’s a big world out there. So plan to take on some engineering challenges, explore scientific principles, dig deeper into “STUFF’ than you can at home (we’ll clean up the mess with your help, of course). Try a new tool. Learn how the ancients studied astronomy. Take apart a fossil. Figure out how Da Vinci’s machines were designed to work. And Build. And MAKE. And Do. (#LETSDOSTUFF!)

Morning and afternoon sessions will vary so that campers who want to hang with us all day can do so. Projects can go from day to day and we’ll have options available for someone who wants to explore. We hope you will collaborate with your peers while you’re here but there is also pleasure in doing your own thing.

Our job is to give you the environment in which you can explore learning over summer in a way that inspires and motivates you. To provide the kind of leadership that makes you want to be silly, laugh and learn all at the same time. Come join us!


STEAMCamp by Curious-on-Hudson is located at LIFE! in Ardsley, NY. The camp will have access to its own area within the facility as well as the mini golf course and outdoor area.

LIFE! is located at 2 Lawrence Street, Ardsley, NY.  (www.lifetheplacetobe.com) 

Dates and Time

Camp runs every day in two sessions:

AM: 9:00-12:00

PM: 1:00-4:00 PM

Campers may AM, PM or FULL DAY SESSIONS. If you choose a full day session, he/she will stay through the break/lunch period.

Camp runs every  week from June 25 – August 17

Week 1: June 25 – June 29

Week 2: July 2-6 (4-day week)

Week 3: July 9-13

Week 4: July 16-20

Week 5: July 23-27

Week 6: July 30-August 3

Week 7: August 6-10

Week 8: August 13-17

Rates and Policies

Camp is $225 for half day session; $400 for full day for all weeks except the week of July 2.  Camp is closed July 4 .Fees for this week are $180 for half day; $320 for full day).

Camp weeks cannot be pro-rated. You must sign up for the entire week.

Sibling discount is applied to any registration made by the same parent or guardian for two or more registrations. A discount of 10% is applied for the second and thereafter registrations.

Discount for multiple camp weeks is 5% of total registration; this is applied at checkout.

Refunds are available for any registered week as long as you notify us of your cancellation within two weeks of the start date. No refunds are available for any enrollment if the cancellation is made within two weeks prior of the first day of camp.




Curious-on-Hudson has provided outstanding summer enrichment programs for over five years at camps and at our own location (formerly in Dobbs Ferry and now in White Plains). We are known for innovative ideas in enrichment programming and we manage after-school programs at schools in Westchester, after-school classes in NYC and Westchester County as well as in-school programming in the NYC region.

Our instructors are trained, enthusiastic people who “get” what we do – i.e., we put the real excitement in learning through hands-on, project-based learning opportunities that encourage kids to use their whole selves in the learning process. Our summer programs are staffed with advanced college students, graduate students, teachers and our own regular staff. We mean it when we say “let’s do stuff!”  We mean...let’s really do cool stuff! We don’t sit around on computers all day and we strive to make every day something exciting, educational and above all..inspirational to your child.

Other Info

Come learn more about us anytime by visiting our location in White Plains. Call 914-274-8205 or email us at [email protected]