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STEAMCamp Jr.: Natural World

A Curious-on-Hudson STEAM Enrichment Camp for Grades K-2

Now open for registration!


Three weeks of summer learning bliss! Three themed weeks in late summer – -right before school begins and just in time to get out and explore our world.  Our STEAMCamp Jr. camp is being held at Zion Episcopal Church, right in downtown Dobbs Ferry! There your child will be able to enjoy some sunshine, build a garden, learn about plants and soil, imagine the dinosaurs that roamed on the same land before they did and lots more! Beautiful, exploratory time exploring their world, touching it, understanding it, exploring it, wondering why…and how…and where…and…? That’s the beauty of it.

Enrollment is open to any student entering grades K-2. Enrollment is for one to three weeks (no partial registrations). Camp will have up to 16 kids in a session so it’s small and personal. Taught by a professional educator in a safe, nuturing and beautiful space.

Week 1:  August 6-10  :  PALEONTOLOGISTS

Follow the sequence of life on earth from the tiniest organism to the largest dinosaur. Compare your tracks with those of T-Rex. Learn about all the species that evolved to create theliving earth as we know it through hands-on excavations, digs and more exciting experiments.Students use their natural love for making things to learn how life began.

Week 2:  August 13-20  :  AQUANAUTS: Marine Science

Oceans, lakes, rivers canals, ponds and puddles – this camp is all about what lives in the waters around us. Students act like marine biologists to explore watery life through experiments, projects, investigations and models.  (There is no trip to the river planned for this camp as weather conditions may make this an unsafe proposition).

Week 3:  August 20-24  :  CURIOLOGISTS: Environmental Science

Your home and why to love it!  The camp is designed to teach young students an appreciation for the local environment and the ecosystems around them. In the summer camp, students will also explore food systems and build their own gardens to take home.  Students learn about water and soil, as well as the flora and fauna of the local environment. Hands on projects include water testing, sources of energy, pollution and its effects, habitats, effects of climate change and marine life and ecosystems.


What Will My Son or Daughter DO at STEAMCamp Jr. Natural World?

STEAM is the extended acronyn for the more familiar one: STEM, which stands for science, technology, engineering and math. The key difference in STEAM is the “A,” which most will say stands for art. We like to think that it stands for much more than yet another isolated learning silo. The “A” stands for CREATIVE thinking, resourcefulness, innovation and ideas. The world has long benefitted from people who can apply their creative skills to solve challenges in the world of science and engineering. We operate in that spirit!

For that reason, your child should expect to have more time to discover his or her natural affinity for things at STEAMCamp. We have the luxury of not pushing everyone to do the same thing at the same time because we are operating a smaller group camp at the Dobbs Ferry location. The camp will be an indoor/outdoor camp. We plan to get a little dirty in our projects, get lots of outdoor time and enjoy some picnics. Most of all, we plan to really explore the living environment. And we don’t this by doing cute, craftsy things but by really digging in with labs, experiments, and projects that encourage the questions young learners will ask in an open, creative environment.

Morning and afternoon sessions will vary so that campers who want to stay for the day will be fully engaged. Projects can go from day to day and we’ll have options available for someone who wants to explore. Young students need structure in a quiet, subtle way and that’s our goal – a peaceful but engaging environment in which your child’s ideas are expressed and listened to.


STEAMCamp Jr. will be offered by our non-for-profit affliate, Curiositas, Inc. and will be held at Zion Episcopal Church, 55 Cedar Street, Dobbs Ferry, NY.   The camp will have access to its own area within the church property.

Dates and Time

Camp runs every day (Monday-Friday) for three weeks in August.  Enrollment can be for one or more weeks (no partials).

There are two enrollment options:

Half Day session is 9:00-12:00 AM.

Full Day session is 9:00-3:00 PM*

*If you choose a full day session, your child will need to bring a brown bag lunch.

Week 1: August 6-10

Week 2: August 13-17

Week 3: August 20-24


Rates and Policies

Camp is $380 for the full day session and $250 for the half day.

Camp weeks cannot be pro-rated. You must sign up for the entire week.

Sibling discount is applied to any registration made by the same parent or guardian for two or more registrations. A discount of 10% is applied for the second and thereafter registrations.

Discount for multiple camp weeks is 5% of total registration; this is applied at checkout.

Refunds are available for any registered week as long as you notify us of your cancellation within two weeks of the start date. No refunds are available for any enrollment if the cancellation is made within two weeks prior of the first day of camp.




Curious-on-Hudson has provided outstanding summer enrichment programs for over five years at camps and at our own location (formerly in Dobbs Ferry and now in White Plains). We are known for innovative ideas in enrichment programming and we manage after-school programs at schools in Westchester, after-school classes in NYC and Westchester County as well as in-school programming in the NYC region.

Our instructors are trained, enthusiastic people who “get” what we do – i.e., we put the real excitement in learning through hands-on, project-based learning opportunities that encourage kids to use their whole selves in the learning process. Our summer programs are staffed with advanced college students, graduate students, teachers and our own regular staff. We mean it when we say “let’s do stuff!”  We mean...let’s really do cool stuff! We don’t sit around on computers all day and we strive to make every day something exciting, educational and above all..inspirational to your child.

Special Needs

Curious-on-Hudson encourages empathy and diversity among our participants and we welcome participation by all children in our programs. One thing we are often asked is if we can accommodate children with special learning or medical needs in our camps. The general answer is that we can handle any child whose needs do not exceed our capacity to provide the service they require. We do not have special needs facilitators at our camps or classes but if your children is attending a regular class without a 1:1 aide, he/she is likely to be okay in our program as well. However, if your child’s needs require special attention that would mean we would need additional staff, it is not likely we can accommodate your child’s needs.

In terms of medical needs, we cannot administer medication or provide any kind of medical treatment. In terms of allergies, we can only maintain an environment that suits the general population. We do not serve food at camp so your child will only be offered their own food from home for snack and lunch. Our staff is trained in the administration of EpiPens. However, we cannot give 100% assurance that whatever allergens affects your child can be avoided at all costs because we cannot control food from all sources as well as allergens in the environment. Please let us know what your needs are and together, we will determine if we are able to serve your child.


Our fees for this program are as reasonable as we can make them. However, we understand that for some families, this is still not a realistic fee. If you feel your children would really benefit from our camp but cannot afford the enrollment fees, we encourage you to reach out to Robin Larkins at Curiositas ([email protected]) to explain your circumstances and request a scholarship. Scholarships are available on a limited basis for this program.

Other Info

Come learn more about us anytime by visiting our location in White Plains. Call 914-274-8205 or email us at [email protected]