Summer is the time to GROW. 

 Information on our main programs for Summer 2019 will be online by January 1, 2019

Summer Specialty Mini-Camps in White Plains

Full day STEAM Revolution Camp in Riverdale, NY at the College of Mount Saint Vincent

There are many ways so many ways to connect with Curious-on-Hudson during summer months!  in original, innovative programs that will inspire your kids to THINK BIG and try new things. We operate specialized enrichment weeks at our White Plains location as well as a full day camp in Riverdale on the beautiful campus of the College of Mount Saint Vincent. If you register for one of our off-site camps, you will get a taste of a variety of activities on a daily basis. At our weekly enrichment programs in White Plains, we focus on a particular activity and have invited several outstanding guest instructors to our roster.

Check back shortly for full information on these programs.

Can’t get to a Curious-on-Hudson camp? 

We have plenty of great partners!   Email us to find out at which camps we have partnered to bring in our STEAM summer programming. Or call us at 914-274-8205!