Summer 2020 Online Middle School Electives

In addition to the sampling below, there are many more summer electives being added on the registration site. Please go to this link for the full listing.

Summer middle school electives for grades 5-8 meet Monday-Friday for one hour or 90 minutes, depending on the subject. Students are provided all the necessary materials in advance of the class. Please see the options available below and click on the REGISTER button to see all the session dates for that program (there are multiple sessions for each class throughout the summer).

We strive to offer a full complement of STEAM programs in technology, performing and creative arts, MAKER skills and more.  All of these are taught “live” by our staff and guest instructors. This is your summer for growing beyond your usual self!

Specialized Classes

Biking Workshop

Learn bike mechanics and basic repair in this workshop for students entering grades 4-8. The class also covers bike safety, travel tips, how to plan a long ride and other topics that help students to enjoy their ride. You will need a bicycle to take this class, as we are going to be teaching how to fix a flat and other essential tips for bike owners. 

Woodworking Studio

A class for beginners who want to try their hand at building projects at home. To accommodate remote learning, projects will be smaller and guided.  This objective is to build skills and get familiarity with wood as a medium. A basic set of tools is required for this class. Once registered, you will receive this list.

Tech Classes

Learn Minecraft Redstone

Students will learn how to use Minecraft Redstone from the ground up. They will explore the basics of how signals are transmitted through blocks, logic, gates and contraptions, all the way up to making simple computer systems. Every lesson focuses on using computer science or logical thinking concept to build a practical and useful design that students can recreate on their own in survival Minecraft.

*Class requirements: Must have a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer able to run Minecraft Java edition, as well as own Minecraft Java edition (online download for approx. $26.99). Lessons will be hosted on a private server open only to students enrolled in the class and only accessible while class is in session.

Intro to Python

Python is a general-purpose, versatile and modern programming language. It’s great as a first language because it is concise and easy to read, therefore it is a great way for students to begin learning serious programming.  It can be used for everything from web development to software development and scientific applications and many high schools use Python as a standard in their science research and technology departments. 

Creative Arts Classes

Poetry Workshop

Poetry exists everywhere and is an art form that is vital to how we empathize and communicate. In this class, students will learn how to identify and engage with the poetry of the everyday! They will interact with each other and engage the writing and musing muscles. Students interested in writing are invited to take this class where they will learn about figurative language and advanced uses of poetry terms such as simile, metaphor, and enjambment. They will also check out cool poems that make readers QUESTION, then try their hand at writing some poems of their own.

Creative Writing 

Sharpening your creative writing skills means sharpening your communication skills and ability to understand the world around you. In this class, students learn about prose and poetry, longform and short. They will interact with each other and engage the writing and musing muscles. 



Is the voice inside you yearning to be heard? Join a fun, informal class in dramatics.  No one is judged and there is no performance pressure. Theatre games and acting exercises build technique and confidence through creative exploration, warm-ups, improv, sharing and collaboration of our selves through emotional acting techniques and more.