Summer 2020: Online Electives for Grades 2-5

Please note that students entering Grade 2 can take selective early elementary classes. Students entering Grade 5 can take selective middle school classes.

We strive to offer a full complement of STEAM programs in technology, performing and creative arts, MAKER skills, and more.  All of these are taught “live” by our staff and guest instructors. New options are being added and the full list can be seen on our registration page.

Specialized MAKER Classes

Tech Classes

Creative & Performing Arts Classes

Specialized MAKER Classes

Biking Workshop (Grades 4 and up)

Learn bike mechanics and basic repair in this workshop for students entering grades 4-8. The class also covers bike safety, travel tips, how to plan a long ride and other topics that help students to enjoy their ride. You will need a bicycle to take this class, as we are going to be teaching how to fix a flat and other essential tips for bike owners.

Woodworking Studio (Grades 2-5)

A class for beginners who want to try their hand at building projects at home. To accommodate remote learning, projects will be smaller and guided.  This objective is to build skills and get familiarity with wood as a medium. Based on enrollment, students in this class will be divided by age group. A basic set of tools is required for this class. Once registered, you will receive this list.

Tech Classes

DIY Kit Camp! 

In 2020, we introduced our Curious DIYKits. These kits focus on “down and dirty” STEAM projects that you build at home using parts and materials that are pre-selected to work well and allow students to learn concepts in electronics, science, engineering and more. These innovative projects are designed to be self-guided. They are not jigsaw puzzle style kits, where each piece is pre-manufactured. These are common parts that a student can then re-use and adapt. For the DIY camp, we will be building the projects together with a live instructor. The camp covers 4-5 kits, which are sent to the student in advance. 

MakeCode and Micro:Bit

Students will learn programming concepts using Microsoft’s block-based MakeCode and the micro:bit, a pocket-sized computer with a built in 5×5 LED display, 4 sensors, and a number of other robust features. MakeCode teaches students how to code using block and text editors.  By pairing lessons with the micro:bit, students will learn how to incorporate hardware into their programs and create interactive games and tech, such as pedometers and custom instruments.   

NOTE: Participants will need a micro:bit for this class. They can be purchased for approximately $20 here.

Minecraft: StarWars

These Minecraft themed classes encourage students to explore themes that interest them while creating within the game platform. In the StarWars theme, students study the major structures of this theme and then recreate those within the Minecraft worlds they create. They can work collaboratively or individually. This offers an interesting way for students to learn about key design eras and structures.

Creative & Performing Arts Classes


You can strum a ukulele the first time you hold it, but why stop at a strum? With that encouraging and accessible first strum, we’ll embark on the same lifelong pursuit of sophistication, nuance and individuality traveled by all musicians and learners alike. In STEAM UKE students are trained to use this instrument to understand the greater world of musicas it relates to STEAM fields.

Comic Book Workshop

Students will learn the basic elements of a comic book and create their own plot, setting, and characters. Comic Books consist of comic art in the form of sequential panels that represent individual scenes to create a story. Students will learn how to develop characters into a functional plot using the key elements of comic books, such as panels, speech bubbles, text, and characters. Students will learn how to keep stories visual, about different art styles, character sketching, and plot development using their own creativity.


Is the voice inside you yearning to be heard? Join a fun, informal class in dramatics.  No one is judged and there is no performance pressure. Theatre games and acting exercises build technique and confidence through creative exploration, warm-ups, improv, sharing and collaboration of our selves through emotional acting techniques and more.

Poetry Workshop

Poetry exists everywhere and is an art form that is vital to how we empathize and communicate. In this class, students will learn how to identify and engage with the poetry of the everyday! They will interact with each other and engage the writing and musing muscles. Students interested in writing are invited to take this class where they will learn about figurative language and advanced uses of poetry terms such as simile, metaphor, and enjambment. They will also check out cool poems that make readers QUESTION, then try their hand at writing some poems of their own.

Creative Writing 

Playwriting is one of the most fun activities at camp. This year students will be working with a professional writer to collaboratively develop a short play with plot, dialog and roles.  Students work together to produce a script and practice its delivery with one another. Learning about playwriting is the inherent benefit of the class but students usually choose it for the creativity and humor they gain from it. One benefit of our virtual camp is that we can invite our friends and family to tune in for the final performance. 



STEAM Museum

Students will explore different styles of art throughout the centuries and the scientific and mathematical reasons of how they are composed and why they’re so compelling visually. Classwork involves creating projects in atmospheric landscape, pointillism, Egyptian reliefs, cave paintings, and kinetic sculpture. Each lesson involves a project that aligns with the topic, which the student completes with the provided materials. This summer’s class is taught by a professional artist.