Almost There!  STEAMCamp Week 1 Starts June 25 @ LIFE in Ardsley!

We’re so excited to see the team assembling for STEAMCamp @ Life! It’s our first year of our very own STEAMCamp and we’ve got some truly original programming to roll out for this program. Today was our first day of training and our STEAMCamp specialists were busy at work doing their first design challenge: ROCK SLIDE.

This is real engineering design challenge with some real fun stuff thrown in (as the team said today…it’s not often you get to throw rocks at your own work). Actually, what they’re doing here is testing construction techniques that would prevent a rock slide from entering a highway. To do this, they will see how materials are manufactured and tested and then they will build their own solution using wood, wire, PVC and ??? (we’ll find out..).

STEAMCamp starts June 25 and runs every week from June 25 – August 17. Select weeks have openings at this time. Join us!