We approach our professional development workshops the same way we design and deliver our enrichment programs: through modeling and experiential learning.
We believe educators benefit most from the collaborative work environment we’ve integrated into our approach.

Professional development is most effective when teachers have ongoing opportunities to encounter, practice, and master new instructional techniques. Curious-on-Hudson’s two-day onsite Project Based Learning Workshop equips K-8 teachers with the skills and knowledge needed to manage, develop, teach and assess PBL for different learners. This highly interactive workshop uses PBL strategies that teach the teachers.

Our PBL workshops introduce teachers to the research that supports PBL, engages them in technology, protocols, and activities that develop new skills and gives them hands-on practice designing lessons, alignments, projects, and assessments that embed PLB into classroom practice.

A key value provided in our workshops is the demonstrations on how to align projects to educational standards, goals, and curriculum units. We also provided guidance in how to design and align projects with cross-curricular units.

By taking this professional development workshop, your educators will gain insight, knowledge and experience on how to develop and deliver high quality project based learning opportunities to their students.

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