Q. Need to Create Stimulating, Inspirational, FUN Community Engagement?

A. We’ve Got That! 



Tinker Family Engagement, a suite of activities aimed at students and the people who love them that we bring to your school, community organization, Troop, Club….you name it. We bring a turnkey event to your premises with all sorts of STEAM-Y activities. Price ranges from $1500-$3500 depending on the size of your group, length of the program  and the number of activities. Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Caretakers, Uncle Fred, Cousin Louie, Sweet Adeline…bring ’em on over and let’s hack away at some fun activities LIKE:

The Scratch Coding Station

Learn some Scratch Coding! A sample Learn-to- Code session that we create  or build your own lesson. We bring laptops and all the stuff you need to run a small coding outpost in your gym, cafeteria, backyard, rooftop or ? (We’ll go anywhere. We like to travel.)

Fun with Chemistry Station

Measure. Mix. Ratios. Results. It’s about the chemistry of everyday things here.

Big, Really Big Dominoes! 

Add them up. Stack them. Make a giant floor game. Shapes. Games.  Physical, mathematical play.

Robotics Derby Station 

Adults, help them out! They have to learn how to build a robot that can make it in the ring against other robots. They’ll learn how to code their robot through barcode scanning and then design it’s shape to take the worst blows from other robots. Think bigger is always better? You might be wrong in this case. You’ll show them how challenging it can be.

Identified Flying Objects: Wind Tunnel Station

Using a wind tunnel, kids see how things can fly. That’s not so hard (but it sure is fun to watch). But can you make it hover? Using combinations of things that float and things that sink, you come up with the right weight to hover. But you have to work on shape as well — not all of them work but many do.

The Wind Power Challenge

Make a boat that sails fast and steady. It make take a few attempts — and that’s the point! We give students  lots of recycled materials and they design a boat that sails down a canal. If it works it will get to the end in a certain amount of time. Or it may need adjustment — a bigger sail? A wider hull? Come back to the materials table and try again.