Time to reconnect. With each other. With nature. With the world around us. We’re so pleased to introduce our new Spring 2021 Virtual After-School Program: more outdoor time mixed with virtual classes that get kids seeking and observing in their own place – wherever that might be, from the most urban to the most rural. We are surrounded by fascinating lifeforms and this spring, we want to use this time to dig deep in gratitude for the world that sustains us.

Our Spring 2021 after-school program is about connecting. We offer an array of classes that encourage kids to meet online but then take it outdoors in small assignments that take place between classes. These classes are geared for students in grades 1-4.

See. Hear. Feel. Learn about the world around you, whatever/wherever that is…

Relax. We’ll get things organized…

We organize things so you don’t have to: registration forms, online enrollment, communication, technology…and whatever else needs to be done to run the program for your school or PTA/PTO. If your organization uses the after-school program as a fundraiser, we’ll establish a revenue-sharing model for you that takes care of this too. But we don’t just administer programs…we create them. Outstanding programs. Original, unique, educational, rich programs that we have cultivated for years. So you get both an excellent curriculum and a pain-free implementation. Click here to see how we can create a customer enrollment portal for your program. Learn how we can help make this happen by contacting us now. 


Classes are geared for students in grades 1-4, with adaptations made for each level. Normally, we would prefer to have students within two grade bands in one class, i.e., grades 1/2 or 3/4.

Birding In Your Area

Theme: Animal Life

Learn how birds are classified and identified, while also conducting your own research on the types of birds you will find in your local environment. Why do they come and go? And where DO they go? Learn basic bird anatomy and how nests are made. Keep your birding journal from week-to-week to share with the class.

Grades 1/2 or 3/4   – 6 classes

Coding for a Cause

Theme: Web Development and Coding, Environmentalism

Learning to code is a popular thing to do these days. In this class, you’ll learn how to make a website that teaches one important subject to your audience. What’s your favorite topic…climate change?  Polar bear survival? Reducing waste? Better food? Better air? A cleaner city? In this class, you’ll build a website to support your cause and you’ll own it so it will be your job to keep it up for years to come, as you get more and more involved in the things that matter to you.

Grades 1/2 or 3/4   – 6 classes

Nature Journal

Theme: Creative Writing, Illustration and Nature Study

In this class, students will journal about their “place” in the world in expressive writing assignments that encourage them to consider their environment and their individual hopes and concerns, likes and dislikes, as they concern their surroundings.  Students are encouraged to make keen observations about their surroundings and to journal those in written and illustrative ways.

Grades 1/2 or 3/4   – 6 classes

Flowers, Trees and Fruits

Theme: Plant Life and Biology

Learn how different kinds of plants grow and reproduce and why they are so essential to all living things (including us!). You’ll learn to identify plants and keep a journal of what is living all around you, from the plants that pop up from cracks in sidewalks to the oldest and largest trees. Did you know a seed is a tiny factory just waiting to get to work? Open your eyes to this wonderful panaroma and get a deeper sense of all the living things around you.

Grades 1/2 or 3/4   – 6 classes

Night Sky

Theme: Astronomy

You’ll soon be able to go out at night and watch the sky: stars, planets, moving objects, patches of dark and light – it’s all up there! Astronomy is the science of everything “OUT THERE.” You’ll be the whiz who tells people what to look out for when looking “up.” And you’ll use your computer to study and re-create constellations using Scratch — a fun, coding platform.

Grades 1/2 or 3/4   – 6 classes

A Beautiful Day

Theme: Weather Science

What makes a beautiful day? The temperature, the color of the sky, the quality of the air…all of these things are parts of our weather system. Learn how weather works..and how it can be both beautiful at times and scary at others. Learning how weather works allows you to understand why some places in the world are too wet and others too dry, some too cold and some very, very warm. You’ll know what a weather report includes and what it means and by paying attention to the weather everyday of our class, you’ll see how the weather affects you too.

Grades 1/2 or 3/4   – 6 classes

The Hard Stuff

Theme: Geology, Petrology

Discover the story of Earth’s rocks and minerals and how we humans have used the hard stuff to build the world we know. Why do some rocks look like they’ve been sliced in half (hint: they have! By glaciers!) Rocks are some of the earliest tools humans ever used. Ancient civilizations figured out how to make massive buildings from them. Early civilizations used rocks to produce colors. So, when you’re out there looking at rocks, you can start to think about how they got where they are and what kind of rocks you’re seeing around you.

Grades 1/2 or 3/4   – 6 classes

If you have questions, please call Curious-on-Hudson at 914-246-0333 or us at [email protected]

Basic FAQS for the Virtual Spring 2021 Program: 

  • The Virtual After-School Program for spring 2021 is a 6-week program. Dates and times are established by the host organization. Classes may be held during or after school (or weekends)  at the discretion of the host. 
  • All classes require access to a computer in order to participate. A tablet or phone is usually not sufficient for these purposes. We use the ZOOM platform to manage online classes. 
  • Students should have access to an open work area for hands-on classes. This is usually a table that can be worked on without concern for damage. 
  • Curious-on-Hudson provides all necessary materials for classes, packaged in individual kits and delivered to the host organization for pick-up by participants. Students may be required to have very basic tools on hand, i.e., pen, paper, scissor. All other required materials and supplies are provided by us.
  • All online classes are one hour long (some hands-on classes allow an extra 15 minutes at the start for students who may need help getting online, to ask questions from a previous class or to talk with the instructor). 
  • Our classes are designed for students to participate independently. Adult supervision is usually not required and is optional. 
  • Classes may be recorded so that students can revisit a class if it is missed or if they wish to repeat an instruction that was given during the class. Recordings are never shared outside of the class participants nor are the recordings ever used for any other purpose. Permission to record classes is at the discretion of the host. 

Online classes consist of our specialized Hybrid-Remote classes, which involve hands-on learning with kits we provide to all participants as well as classes in coding and other purely “virtual” online learning opportunities. These classes are open to ANY participant within the target age group. To register, follow the links below to the registration page.  Payment is made at the time of registration. Classes are subject to minimum enrollment in order to run. 


Key Advantages of Curious-on-Hudson Virtual Programs: 

    • Unique STEAM classes offered for students in Grades K-8
    • “Live” virtual classes open to all students and taught by our instructors
    • Materials and supplies are provided in our unique class kits, which make it easy and fun to participate in hands-on, effective learning 

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