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Hybrid-Remote Online Enrichment Program

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we have moved some of our classes to a new format: Hybrid-Remote Classes (HRCs). Classes are held online in live and recorded sessions and we provide students with the materials they need to participate in our hands-on curriculum. Kits will be shipped to student homes containing all the materials needed to complete lessons with the guidance of a Curious-on-Hudson instructor.  A “live” class will be held for each session and a recorded session will be made available for any student unable to attend the live event. We know that the disruption of site-based school and camp has been a huge change for families of all sorts. Our aim is to continue to provide the rewarding enrichment programs we are known for in a program that combines real hands-on learning with interactive sessions.

Nothing can replace the energy of a roomful of excited students but we hope that by offering these HRC-style classes, your children are able to continue their interest in the world around them, the way things work and all the excitement that the future holds for them. 

You Can Now be Remotely Curious!

We are now in the summer phase of our online programming. All online summer classes (for grades K-12) can be seen at this link

If you have questions, please call Curious-on-Hudson at 914-246-0333 or email
Malinda Barrett
@ [email protected]

Just wanted to let you know we had such a great time today – the class was so much fun! I haven’t seen my daughter that happy and engaged in learning in a long time. Kudos to you and your team for developing and offering these classes. They really are meeting an important need for the kids.
~An unsolicited vote of confidence from Robyn Gundy, a parent of a student in our Curiologist class!!

Our goal is to bring the same joy of learning and exploring to our remote classes.

Please go the HRC Main Page to see all classes open for enrollment and registration.

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