Great News!

Announcing Three New After- School Classes from Curious-on-Hudson this winter at St. Patrick’s School in Bedford starting the week of January 21, 2019!

Curious-on-Hudson is excited to bring in new after-school classes to St. Patrick’s School. These programs focus on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) enrichment in an engaging, skill-based program.


Mondays, 2:30-3:30 

Grades 1-4

$200 (8 sessions) 

Intro to Robotics  

This class introduces students to basic robotics and programming using platforms such as Ozobotsâ„¢, LEGOâ„¢and Edisonâ„¢programmable robots. Beginning with simple instructions using optical bar codes and scanning, students learn to program devices to follow instructions. As the class progresses, students learn how to program their devices using a software interface on a computer.

Wednesdays, 2:30-3:30 

Grades 3-6

$200 (8 sessions) 

Game Design  

Students in this class will get an  in-depth look at how games are conceived and created by conceptualizing their own games in a game planning document. They will consider environment, characters, attributes, strategy, obstacles and challenges while considering what makes popular games successful.  This class spend more time focusing on how video games are designed and built; it is an excellent way to teach the type of work game designers do when they create a video game. In addition to planning their games, students will then execute their own game design in Scratch. The class should end with each student having some example of their game design as well as a documented game plan

Thursdays, 2:30-3:30 

Grades K-2

$200 (8 sessions) 

Intro to Paleontology  

This class integrates investigations of living and extinct species through hands-on activities related to the science of paleontology. Students perform experiments in model excavation, create and examine fossils, and learn about survival and extinction of species. Students will learn how a hypothesis becomes a theory and how theories relate to our understanding of dinosaurs.