Cottle Elementary School – Spring 2020 Remote Enrichment Program

Due to the CIVID-19 crisis, some of our previously scheduled after-school programs for spring have been moved to a new format: Hybrid-Remote Classes (HRCs).  In this case we will be holding classes online in live and recorded sessions and providing students with the materials they need to participate in our hands-on curriculum. Kits will be shipped to student homes containing all the materials needed to complete lessons with the guidance of a Curious-on-Hudson instructor.  A “live” session will be held weekly for each class and a recorded session will be made available for any student unable to attend the live event. We know that the disruption of school in location has been a huge change for families of all sorts. Our aim is to continue to rewarding enrichment programs we are known for in a program that combines real hands-on learning with interactive sessions. Nothing can replace the energy of a roomful of excited students but we hope that by offering this HRC-style classes, your children are able to continue their interest in the world around them, the way things work and all the excitement that the future holds for them.

Spring 2020 – Hybrid-Remote Classes 

Classes start the week of May 4, 2020, at the days and times indicated. If you cannot attend a “live” class, you will still be able to watch a pre-recorded video for that lesson. All classes require access to a computer in order to participate. 

Each HRC class runs for eight (8) sessions. Each session is one hour long. 

Previously Registered Students

If you have already registered for one of the classes below, nothing further is needed at this time. You are automatically enrolled in the HRC. You will receive further instructions via email on start dates, kits and other information. 

New Participants

If you did not register for a spring class, you can now do so. Registration is at: <link>


If you registered for a class that has been cancelled, you can transfer or cancel your registration to a new class by emailing [email protected]  Cancellations will be given a full refund. 

If you have questions, please call Curious-on-Hudson at 914-246-0333 or email Malinda Barrett @ [email protected]


Comic Book Creator

Students will learn the basic elements of a comic book and create their own plot, setting, and characters. Students will learn how to develop characters into a functional plot using the key elements of comic books, such as panels, speech bubbles, text and characters. Students will learn how to keep stories visual, character sketching and plot development using their own creativity. While working from homes, students will create their own comic books under the guidance of our instructor. Materials will be provided.


Grades: 1-3
Tuesdays: 3:15-4:15
$200 (8 sessions) includes live class, kits and recorded session. 

Curiologist: Actions & Reactions 

The Actions and Reactions unit gives a hands on approach to the making and mixing of chemical reactions we experience every day, only this time we learn why they happen and then see it for ourselves through experimentation. From bubbles to slime, invisible ink to oxidation, these kids will get down and messy and experience the wonder that is the chemical properties of common elements. For the spring HRC, lessons are selected on the basis of working in the home environment. There will be some mess so it’s a good idea to set up with a sheet or tarp under the work area. 

Grades: K-2
Mondays: 3:15-4:15
$200 (8 sessions) includes live class, kits and recorded session. 

Beginner Dramatics

In this class, students work with an acting coach to develop skills related to speaking confidently in front of others through spontaneity and creative physical and verbal games and exercises. The class has incorporates both comedy and serious interaction to develop a student’s sense of awareness and interaction with others. Students will work with a drama coach to present and improvise their ideas. Items from home may be utilized in this class including props and costume elements. 


Grades: K-2
Thursdays: 3:15-4:15
$200 (8 sessions) includes live and recorded sessions

Learn to Code: Microsoft Makecode & Micro:bit

Students will learn programming concepts using Microsoft’s block-based Makecode and the micro:bit, a pocket-sized computer with a built-in 5×5 LED display, 4 sensors, and a number of other robust features. MakeCode teaches students how to code using block and text editors. By pairing lessons with the micro:bit, students will learn how to incorporate hardware into their programs and create interactive games and tech, such as pedometers and custom instruments. To participate in this class, students will need a a BBC Micro:Bit device (available on for $20.99).  We have devices available, which we can loan to students for this purpose.  When you register, you will be asked if you wish to borrow one of our devices. 


Grades: 3-5
Tuesdays: 3:15-4:15
$200 (8 sessions) includes live and recorded session and loaner devices

Intro to Electricity

Intro to Electricity teaches students how electricity is generated, transferred, stored, and used in so many aspects of our lives. Students will build project models that support knowledge of this topic including a breadboard assembly, a tilt-action wand using capacitors, and a model generator. Topics include magnetism, circuits, direct and alternating currents, and storage and discharge of energy. 

Grades: 3-5
Thursdays: 3:15-4:15
$200 (8 sessions) includes kit and live and recorded sessions.

These classes have been canceled. You may choose to cancel your registration or transfer to another class.

Recycling Matters

This class has been canceled..


Robotics Design Challenge 

This class has been canceled.


Up, Down & Around

This class has been canceled.