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Innovative enrichment programs for K-8

Available for School and Community Programs

Enrichment Programs for Academic and Personal Growth

Our innovative programs are the perfect complement to academic programs for students who want to expand their knowledge through hands-on, inquiry-based experimentation and exploration.

We gather ideas from the world around us, putting programs together based on an intent to nurture the curious spirit that is the human spirit – the desire to understand by asking questions, exploring and experimenting. The spirit of curiosity underlies all that we do.

These programs are offered in multi-session in-school or after-school programs or through single session workshops and classes.

Enrichment is about learning by doing. Whether you use that time to design, build, dream, analyze or dance...enrichment should provide an opportunity to GROW. The following programs reflect our motto, Let’s Do Stuff! meaning the world is our oyster, the environment is full of potential and we are open to exploration.

To bring these programs to your school or community, please contact us at [email protected]

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