Our Summer & Yours: Together!

Online Summer Programs for Kindergarten ~ High School Students


Get online and hands-on with us this summer! 

For Curious Kids in the K-2 range, we are offering a suite of fun online sessions beginning June 29 that can be taken in one-hour classes over an 8-day span. You can take just one or line them up and take more. The topics include science, math, coding, and more. Each class runs one hour per day for eight days, Monday-Thursday, for two consecutive weeks. We felt that (for younger people), this made the most sense in terms of allowing them to engage in fun hands-on activities while not spending too much time on a computer. The consistent approach of one class per day allows them (and us!) to stay focused on the projects and provides them with an enriching summer experience.  We supply all needed supplies in our at-home camp box - a diverse assortment of planned materials that line up to each day's lessons.  Read more about these classes here


For that growing STEAMster, we have some awesome options. Kids Ready to Explore in Grades 2-5, we are offering ELECTIVES every day of summer as well as a remote version of our STEAMRevolution Camp*. The electives range from creative arts to coding and technology classes. They meet every day, Monday-Friday, in the afternoons.  STEAMRevolution Camp meets every day, Monday-Friday, and offers campers a full morning of structured camp activities plus participation in all afternoon electives. As we do for all our remote learning classes, camp materials and supplies are provided to every camper and they will participate in full, hands-on activities every day.  Learn more about STEAMRevolution camp. Read more about the summer electives here


Middle School students have the option of attending our STEAMRevolution Camp, where age-appropriate challenges are designed for them or they may choose to take some of our summer electives on a standalone basis. If they choose to attend the morning camp, they will have unlimited access to the afternoon electives. There are a number of really interesting options for them, taught by our own staff as well as individuals who are experts in their various fields.  Learn more about STEAMRevolution camp. Read more about the summer electives for MS here


STEAMVentors! Get your Curious DIY Kits here! 

NEWS! Our best project ideas are available as  DIY Kits that you can do at home. Each kit comes with everything you need to do a truly engaging, truly educational, truly fun at-home project.  And it's what we at Curious-on-Hudson have always been about - taking parts and pieces that teach you how to truly MAKE things from scratch.  We are makers. We are inventors. We have ideas and so do you.  Try one of our kits and sign up for notices for when we introduce new kits. No subscription required.  Click for more info on DIYKITS

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