Our Work is about Asking Questions: Ours, Yours, and Theirs

Our team consists of people who are passionate about hands-on learning. Through experimentation and observation, we discover ways for young people to learn and more importantly, to GET EXCITED about learning.

Our work is original. We seek new ways to encourage students in STEAM learning, i.e., the cross-section of science, technology, engineering, and math: the fundamentals of our world with aesthetic values, i.e.,the design principles that foster a world that is not just functional but also appealing to us as humans.

STEAM education appeals to us for it approach in allowing students to use their holistic selves to learn, create and explore.  We have offered many programs over our 8+ year existence but none quite summarizes who we are as much as our work in this area.

In addition to our curriculum development (which looks a little like the lab on Back to the Future), we develop our plans in kits, Curious DIY Kits, which can be used anywhere in the world to teach our exciting lesson plans. We offer our services as educators to complement the teaching with our kits.

Curious-on- Hudson runs its own unique summer camp in the Bronx, New York: STEAM Revolution Camp.  Each year we bring students from all over New York to our camp, many with scholarships we offer to the community surrounding us in the Bronx.

We took our name: Curious-on-Hudson, based on our location (Dobbs Ferry, NY) where we first started out on this journey.  The Hudson River has inspired creativity for throughout our history.  It has been a place of sustenance, travel, wonder, history, and conflict. This rich background inspired us to continually strive for meaningful ways to connect “passionate experts” with “curious students.”  We continue that mission to the current day.

“Curiosity is the one thing invincible in nature.”

The Valleys of the Assassins (1934): Freya Stark – The Idle Woman

Freya Stark

We learn best when we are immersed in the process of sharing knowledge with one another in tangible, experiential ways.

Curiosity is the link to a richer, more fulfilling life. 

Walt Disney said, “when you are curious, you are never bored.” Recent studies on the effect of curiosity on our ability to learn and lead long, fulfilling lives have become increasingly relevant to education, health, and well-being.

Children learn curiosity intrinsically. We can’t teach them to be curious but we can make their surroundings interesting enough to stimulate curiosity. Our goal is to stimulate and nurture that part of every child that seeks to know more about the world around them. We are born naturally curious. Can we help them stay that way?