Our Work is About Asking Questions

We are a team of educators, developers, researchers, and passionate experts who look for ways to touch others through teaching and learning.

Our motto is a phrase borrowed from childhood, “let’s do stuff!” meaning let’s get out there, let’s dig in, let’s find out what interests us, let’s use it, take it apart, use it again…let’s do stuff! 

Curious-on-Hudson was formed in 2013 in Dobbs Ferry, NY by Adele Falco. Inspired by the grandeur of the Hudson River on a simple walk with her dog, she imagined what it would be like to have access to learning opportunities that were accessible, informal, and rich. She trained as a teacher many years prior and worked in the tech industry for most of her career while raising a family. As technology grew ever-increasingly present in our lives, she felt that the need for real touchpoints between people would become ever more important and a combination of that and the entrepreneurial urge was too great to ignore.  Curious-on-Hudson was born with a spirit of “Let’s Do Stuff,” which is our motto to this day and a constant reminder of all that there IS to do if we only look around us. 

We have since moved on from the old riverfront warehouse that served as our original home but our core mission of nurturing curiosity, accessibility, and innovation lives on. More importantly, that walk with the dog that became so permanently ensconced in the fiber of our being reminds us to this day to be on the hunt for new discoveries each and every day.


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Curiologists: Science for K-2