Our Work is About Asking Questions

We create programs that inspire the natural curiosity of children by encouraging them to ask questions. By provoking and exploring answers to these questions, our hope is to build upon what nature already gave your child an abundance of: CURIOSITY

We take an integrated, innovative approach to STEAM through classes, events and camps.  We develop our own programming in well-planned lessons that incorporate an inquiry-based approach to learning.

With a catalog of over 100 different classes, we bring interesting, dynamic programs to your school or community organization.  In addition to standalone classes, we run turnkey managed programs for after school: The STEAM Academy.  In summer, we run camps at our home location and our own full camp program at the College of Mount Saint Vincent in Riverdale, NY (STEAM Revolution Camp). We also run our enrichment programs at camps in the NY region.

Please contact us if we can help bring a dynamic, engaging enrichment program to your community.


Creative Technologist


PreK Programs

Curiologists: Science for K-2



MAKER and DIY Classes

Curiologists: Science for K-2

Our motto is a phrase borrowed from childhood, “let’s do stuff!” meaning let’s get out there, let’s dig in, let’s find out what interests us, let’s use it, take it apart, use it again…let’s do stuff! 

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