Kids entering grades K-2 are some of our favorite people. They have IDEAS! Lots of ’em. And they have lots of questions. And we have lots of ideas on how to keep those questions coming and coming and coming…curiosity is where we live. We welcome your little curious people to our camp this summer. Let them come for one week or more – each week has a different theme (check out the themes here) and each week they will work on a group collaborative project, individual take-home projects, a tech project and lots (and lots) of MIY (make it yourself) fun things. James DiCerbo will be leading this special camp this summer. Join James for some interesting, creative fun and learning.

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Camp runs from July 8 – August 23. You can sign up for one or more weeks – there is a new theme and new projects each week. Camp runs from 9:00-12:00 and your son or daughter should be at least 5 to participate in this program.